22.10.15: Freedos IT bringt App "LED Navi" raus22.10.15: Freedos IT bringt App "LED Navi" raus22.10.15: Freedos IT bringt App "LED Navi" raus
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Reduce electricity costs with “LED Navi”

Freiburg, 22.10.2015. The Freiburg-based IT company freedos IT GmbH has just released the innovative app “LED Navi”, with which households can find particularly efficient LED lamps and thus achieve high electricity cost savings when relamping. The app is available in the Apple and Google Play Stores at a price of 1.99 euros. This small investment will have paid for itself several times after the very first choice of a right lamp.

With the arrival of the dark winter months, the lighting is once again put to the test when it comes to saving electricity in the households. In this area, modern LED lamps have long since started their triumphant march and increasingly drive compact fluorescent lamps and a fortiori outdated incandescent lamps off the market. On reasonable grounds: LED lamps consume less power, last longer and are more environmentally friendly than traditional compact fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps. On top of that, they start without delay and radiate a pleasant, warm light.
But with the triumph of LED lamps, the variety of products has also grown considerably, so that the consumer can hardly distinguish between good and bad LED lamps. The market has become a real lamp-jungle.

“LED Navi” finds particularly efficient lamps
In order to offer a way out of this jungle, the Freiburg-based IT company freedos IT GmbH has now brought out the app “LED Navi”. It serves as a navigator for consumers, to find more efficient LED lamps. With a few entries one can find the most suitable and, above all, the most efficient LED lamp for a specific case, out of 900 products available on the market. The app “LED Navi” costs 1.99 €.
“A good investment”, as stresses Dipl.-Economist Dieter Seifried, shareholder of freedos IT GmbH and former employee of the Freiburg Institute for Applied Ecology “Öko-Institut”. “The quality between the different LED lamps is so diverse that you can save more than 30 euros in electricity costs with a particularly efficient LED, compared to an average LED lamp, and even more than 200 euros when replacing a conventional incandescent lamp”. This is precisely the issue that the app addresses, as it displays particularly efficient LED lamps at the forefront.

Simply evaluate a comprehensive database
The “LED Navi” accesses a database of over 900 LED lamps, which is constantly updated, taking into account the rapid market development. The user enters the type of lamp socket and the lamp’s shape, as well as the output of the lamp to be replaced. He then selects the desired light colour and indicates whether the lamp should be dimmable or not. The search returns a list of products that are suitable for this specific application, sorted by the lamps’ efficiency. Moreover, there is a brief description of the lamp as well as information concerning its purchase price. The app also calculates the electricity cost savings and the carbon dioxide reduction arising with this product. Via a link one can then access web stores and buy the chosen LED lamp directly online.

Protect the climate effectively
Not only does the “LED Navi” noticeably relieve the household budget, but it also contributes effectively to climate protection. This proves that climate protection is not just inexpensive, but that households with a climate-friendly behaviour can actually save money – if they are provided with the necessary information.
“With the “LED Navi” we want to make this information available and assist the consumers in their search for highly energy-efficient products”, explains Fridolin Albert Seifried, manager of freedos IT. According to him, the aim is also to push the market for LED lamps towards efficient light sources.

Competent and independent
The app “LED Navi” is published and distributed by the Freiburg-based IT company freedos IT GmbH.

  • Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Economist Dieter Seifried, shareholder, has successfully developed innovative instruments for mobilizing electricity saving potentials for over thirty years. He worked as a research associate at the Freiburg Institute for Applied Ecology “Öko-Institut”. Today, with Büro Ö-quadrat, he advises governments both on a national and international level on energy economy and energy policy issues.
  • General Manager and shareholder Fridolin Albert Seifried (M.Sc. computer science) is responsible for the technical app-development and the IT infrastructure of “LED Navi”. His portfolio also includes software development, networking, VoIP, IT security and IT consulting Information:

freedos IT GmbH is independent of lamp manufacturers and dealers and does not receive any royalties or remuneration from other companies.

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