01.05.16: App LED Navi: Anwendung bei ersten Energiedienstleistern01.05.16: App LED Navi: Anwendung bei ersten Energiedienstleistern01.05.16: App LED Navi: Anwendung bei ersten Energiedienstleistern
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App LED Navi: a tool for energy service companies (ESCO)

Freiburg, May 2016. The practical app "LED Navi" can save households a lot of money by helping them find the most efficient LED lamps. This app is now used by the first energy service providers. Together with the Freiburg-based IT company freedos IT GmbH, Büro Ö-quadrat has developed an app that supports the energy service providers in the implementation of energy system transformation.

The app helps one to easily find particularly efficient LED lamps and thus to achieve high electricity cost savings when relamping. So far, the app had only been available on the app stores of Apple and Google Play, at a price of 1.99 euros. Today, the provider of green electricity Elektrizitätswerke Schönau and the Association of Energy Consumers offer the app to their customers for free.
The benefits of the LED Navi for consumers and for the society are huge: if all households in Germany used high-efficiency LED lamps instead of the average LED lamps, more than 3 billion euros could be saved throughout their service life. Compared to the use of the so-called eco halogen lamps, it’s even around 20 billion euros that could be saved.
The app LED Navi is an innovative product with which modern energy service companies help their customers to reduce their electricity costs. Of course, the customer’s reduced power consumption leads to a reduction in revenue for the electricity suppliers. On the other hand, these can gain additional customers, in particular households and businesses who have realized that when it comes to electricity supply, what really matters in the end is not the price per kilowatt-hour that they pay, but the global amount of their electricity bill. And the latter is lower when efficient technologies and the LED Navi are used.

This is how the app works
The app LED Navi is used where action is needed by the customer: for the replacement of defective lamps. The app asks the user via a graphical menu, what specific lamp he wishes to replace, according to its type: incandescent lamps, halogen bulbs (Edison screw), energy-saving lamps, halogen spotlights or old LED lamps. In the next step, the user specifies the socket of the lamp to be replaced. Next, the app asks for the desired characteristics of the new lamp (such as light color and dimmability). With just a few clicks, one gets a list of suitable LED lamps, classified by lamp efficiency. In addition to the calculated electricity cost savings, the app also establishes the carbon dioxide savings that result from the replacement of the old lamp by the selected product.
Independent and product neutral: the app LED Navi and its associated database was developed by the Freiburg-based IT company freedos IT GmbH, which is independent of lamp manufacturers and dealers and does not receive any royalties or remuneration from other companies.


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