Ö-quadrat - Ökologische und ökonomische Konzepte

Community Focused Studies

Climate change as an investment. Eco-Watt Project: The saving power with citizen participation. Freiburg 2007 (English version)
Author: Dieter Seifried, Office Ö-quadrat 

Public Private Partnership for Sustainability? Analysis of the business model, "Public Private Partnership with regard to sustainable development, and applied to reorganization and operation of public buildings.
Öko-Institut eV, Freiburg, 2007 in cooperation with ICLEI and Dieter Seifried, Office Ö-quadrat

Energy performance contracting as a contribution to climate protection and cost reduction. Guides for energy performance contracting in public buildings.
On behalf of the Federal Environmental Agency, Berlin 2000.
Authors: Annegret-Cl. Agricola, Berlin Energy Agency, Dieter Seifried, Office Ö-quadrat

Development of a computer model to calculate the CO2 mitigation costs of energy saving measures.
On behalf of the DENA,
Freiburg, 2002 Author: Seifried, D., Office Ö-quadrat

Developing and implementing local climate protection concepts: analysis of barriers and strategies in the context of a liberalized energy market
Timpe, C.; Brohmann, B. Dette, B. Roos, W., Schüle R, Seifried, D.

Freiburg Climate Protection Concept
Schüle, R.; Leuchtner, J., Loose, W., Luers, A., Seifried, D. Roos, W., Witt, J., 1996/1997
In cooperation with predictive and Wuppertal Institute, 1996
(Commissioned by the city of Fribourg / Freiburg's energy and water supply AG - FEW)

The Saarbrücken energy study 2005. Implementation of the recommendations of the German Enquête-Commission for climate change.
Seifried, D., Timpe, C. Witt, J., 1993 In cooperation with DLR,  prognos Basel and ZSW
(Commissioned by Stadtwerke Saarbrücken)

Scientific monitoring and investigation of a tariff project with time of use prices for the municipality of Wiesbaden.
Seifried, D., 1994 In cooperation with Stadtwerke Wiesbaden
(Commissioned by Stadtwerke Wiesbaden)