Ö-quadrat - Ökologische und ökonomische Konzepte

EU and International Energy Politics

Sustainable Energy Policy Concepts (SEPCo). Improving Access to Sustainable Energy for Rural and Low-Income Areas
ISES-Studie im Auftrag des BMU, Freiburg 2003
D. Seifried, Office Ö-quadrat in Kooperation mit Dorothee Reinmüller (ISES), Babara Praetorius (DIW) und Ole Langniss (DLR)

The Implications of Tradable Green Certificates for the Deployment of Renewable Electricity
Timpe, C.; Cames, M.; Seifried, D.;in cooperation with the Dutch energy research institute (ECN) and the Science and Technology Policy Research Unit of the University of Sussex (SPRU) (Client commission of the Economic Community)

An Energy Saving Fund for Germany'
Authors:  Irrek, W.; Thomas, S., Wuppertal institute, on behalf of the Hans Böckler foundation, 2006, in cooperation with D. Seifried, Ö-quadrat