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Solar energy    January 2017

Solar&Spar projects: a success

In cooperation with the Wuppertal Institute, Büro Ö-quadrat has carried out four Solar&Spar projects with citizen participation. An interim assessment shows that the projects are extremely successful - energy efficiency truly is worthwhile! More here...

Solar power    June 2016

Preaching climate protection - taxing solar power

The Federal Government has come up, on a proposal of the Ministry of Finance, with a new chicane: self-generated solar electricity is to be taxed. more... 

Semen Grinberg /

Electric vehicles - disservice?    Juni 2016

A disservice to climate protection

Büro Ö-quadrat works primarily on concepts that aim to take the turnaround in energy and transport policies forward. In recent days, the Büro has joined in the public debate in order to prevent a deterioration of the framework conditions for climate protection. Statements about the promotion of electric vehicles and the introduction of a solar tax can be read here. more...

LED technology    May 2016

App LED Navi: a tool for energy service companies (ESCO)

The practical app "LED Navi" can save households a lot of money by helping them find the most efficient LED lamps. This app is now used by the first energy service providers.

LED technology October 2015

Reduce electricity costs with “LED Navi”

The Freiburg-based IT company freedos IT GmbH has just released the innovative app “LED Navi”, with which households can find particularly efficient LED lamps and thus achieve high electricity cost savings when relamping. more...

EEG 2.0 - Disadvantages eliminated?    February 2015

Since August 2014 the revised German law on Renewable Energy Sources (EEG) entered into force. It is shown that the revised EEG ultimately aims to slow down the energy revolution, so as to protect the traditional energy sector and its owners against economic losses. Büro Ö-quadrat explains the situation and gives recommendations which are likely to lead the energy revolution to success.  more ...

Supplyer Check instead of buying Green Electricity    December 2014

Büro Ö-quadrat gives advice to change to energy-suppliers who are supporting the Energiewende

In cooperation with Hochschule Ruhr West (HRW) Büro Ö-quadrat developed a guidance to help customers to find energy providers who are actively contributing to the success of the energy transition. more...

Energy revolution    April 2013

Büro Ö-quadrat publishes report about Energy revolution in Cuba.

The Cuban Energy Revolution can give interesting guidance and inspiration for the German „Energiewende“ and for other countries. more...

One World project    March 2012

Contracting Company ECO-Watt (CEO Dieter Seifried) donates price money from Sustainability Award to One World Projects

Dieter Seifried invites companies and citizens to cooperate. more ...

Citizens Energy Performance Contracting    December 2011

ECO-Watt wins German local sustainability award “Zeitzeichen 2011”

The Citizens Energy Performance Contracting Project at Staudinger comprehensive school in Freiburg, initiated by Dieter Seifried, won the award in the category of “Initiatives”. more ...

Lecture tour South Korea    November 2011

Dieter Seifried speaks of advantages of nuclear phase-out and turnaround in energy policy

At the invitation of Friends of the Earth Korea and the Gwangju Summit of the Urban Environmental Accords in South Korea. Topics arouse great interest in the high-tech location of South Korea. more ...

Electricity Saving Campaign    November 2010

Successful "Energy Advisors" Initiative Goes into Round 2

The energy saving campaign "Stromsparcheck" was initiated by Office Ö-quadrat for low-income households, and is being developed further under the overall control of "Caritas Germany" and eaD (Energie- und Klimaschutzagenturen in Deutschland).  more ...

New Publication    December 2010

"SOLAR BOOK" - Now Available in English

With the English edition of the successful "Solar Book" (Titel of the English Version: Renewable Energy - The Facts), the authors Dieter Seifried and Walter Witzel would like to take their message to readers throughout the world. more...

Current Study    November 2009

Up to 95% Energy Saving Potential
at the University of Mexico

Through analysis of 4 typical energy retrofit scenarios, Ö-quadrat examined the energy saving potential of one of the largest universities in the world.  more ...

Energy Saving in Schools    1999-2007

Ecowatt - Profitable Citizen Contracting

From 1999 to 2007 energy saving was realized through successful renovations and renewable energy instalations at the Staudinger school. Finiancial particiaption included teachers, parents and friends, with profits of 6%. more ...