Energy Economics

Climate change as an investment. Eco-Watt Project: Saving power with citizen participation. Freiburg 2007 (Available in English)
Author: Dieter Seifried, Office Ö-quadrat

“Utility test” for better consumer information
Wuppertal Papers No. 116, Wuppertal 2001
Authors: Wolfgang Irrek, Kora Kristof, Dieter Seifried, Ö-quadrat

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1991 (client Greenpeace Germany)

Qualitative and quantitative assessment for possible short and long term effects of an exit from nuclear power
Kohler, S.; Leuchtner, J., Seifried, D.
1986 In cooperation with the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) (Commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs)

Transmission charges: an instrument to impede competition with clean electricity, network access and fees to the ‘Verbändevereinbarung’ dated May 1998.
Roos, W., Seifried, D, 1998
(Commissioned by Greenpeace eV, Hamburg)

The design of energy systems. A proposal from the Öko-Institute for a new regulatory framework for the energy system in the Federal Republic of Germany
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1996 In collaboration with Henning Borchers

A climate protection friendly framework for electricity and gas infrastructure systems.
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1994 (Commissioned by the Commission of the Bundestag "Protection of the Atmosphere")

Interim evaluation of the energy service of the FEW Progam for commercial customers.
Roos, W., Seifried, D., 1997
(Commissioned by Freiburg's energy supply and water-AG (FEW))

Evaluation of the current economic impact of energy services program of the FEW for domestic customers
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(Commissioned by FEW (Energy and Water supply Company of Freiburg))

LCP Power Saving Project Saarbrücken for the year 2005
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LCP-strategic concept of the municipality of Heidelberg and review of the need for an additional power plant
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Least-Cost Planning in Water Supply
Roos, W., Seifried, D., Leprich, U.;
1995 (Ministry of the Environment Baden-Württemberg client)

Design of energy-saving programs in the field of household and commercial customers of FEW based on the LCP-concept and analysis of macro and micro-economic effects of the efficiency measures.
Roos, W., Seifried, D.; 1995
(Commissioned by FEW (Energy and Water supply Company of Freiburg))

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In cooperation with the Wuppertal Institute (Commissioned by Stadtwerke Hannover AG)

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(Commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Bern)

Least-Cost Planning - The road to rebuilding our energy supply system
Seifried, D., 1992
(Reference to Greenpeace Germany)

The Negawatt AG
Seifried, D. 1997
(Own project of Öko-Institut)