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Renewable Energy: The Facts

The updated “Solar Book” offers an overview of the current state of technology, potentials and applications of renewable energies.  The book outlines better technology distribution options as well as concrete steps for entry into the solar age.  Common objections against renewable energies are critically evaluated and contrasted with objective counterarguments. 

The book is structured with every other page providing clear graphical examples, charts and diagrams, which help illustrate arguments and concepts developed throughout the reading.  The book is a suitable remedy for political and scholastic development work relating to renewable energies.  It was written for people who want to retain an overview of the current energy-related discussions, and especially those wary of leaving all the important decisions to politicians and specialists.

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About the authors: 

Dr. Walter Witzel received degrees in mathematics, physics and pedagogics in 1949; from 1976, Dr. Witzel taught at the Goethe secondary school Freiburg; and since 1992, he has been a member of the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg and an energy policy advisor for the parliamentary group alliance 90/Green.

Dieter Seifried graduated in 1948 with focuses in energy and power plant technology as well as economics. From 1983 to 1999 he was staff coordinator and project manager at the Institute for Applied Ecology. In 1999, he founded office Ö-Quadrat, which is an independent consultancy office specializing in energy-economics as well as energy policies and projects. Dr. Seifried's professional experience has resulted in numerous publications, among other things: "Gute Argumente: Energie " and "Die Energiewende ist möglich".